Friday, February 27, 2009

Stronghold Denim

I recently purchased a pair of Stronghold hickory stripe jeans from a store of the same name in Los Angeles. They describe their space as, "Off the rack and made to measure selvage trousers, White's boots, good Bourbon and assorted tomfoolery". I dealt with Bill, a manager there, and found him quite nice to deal with over the phone. The store's philosophy is to proudly sell brands with American history that extends at least as far back as World War 2 and earlier. Stronghold itself was an extinct LA based jeans manufacturer that began operations in the early 1900's. The brand was resurrected and focuses on selvage denim pants, either made in standard fits, or custom made to measure. The denim comes from Cone Denim, in North Carolina, the last selvage denim manufacturer in the United States. The pair I purchased in particular, was their straight leg model in a Sanforized hickory stripe selvage denim. It was a limited edition model, though I am sure you can get very similar items from them regularly. Though I as yet chose not to, you can customize even standard cuts with such things as suspender buttons, or have the inseam hemmed, all for free, after purchase. Once I wash my jeans a second time, I'll probably send them back for a free hemming. As you will see from the photos below, they are an interesting take on the classic jean - vintage details and fabrics with a more modern cut (note the tailor chalk on the jeans, which has washed off since these photos were taken). I love the cut and I am sure I will wind up ordering this cut of jean in different selvage denims that they offer in the future. Thanks again, Bill, for your prompt and courteous service.


Adrien said...

What a perfect pair of Jeans for the summer. I have to get myself a pair. Do they have a website or did you just order over the phone? I have heard of stronghold before from the styleforum boards, but these are just so on point. I gotta get them. Are they too much north of $250? I found you via Jake Davis's blog. Thanks for any help.

Jake Fourthreeone said...

Adrien, I contacted Bill on the Superfuture forum, and then called the shop and talked to him directly. You owe it to yourself to call Stronghold and hook these up!