Saturday, August 8, 2009

1980, In Review

For the fourth of July weekend this year, some friends and I rented a cabin in the woods in Wisconsin. The route to the cabin just happened, with only a 5 minute detour, to run right by Madison, where I could visit Context, one of the few places anywhere near Chicago that I could look at a variety of Japanese denim and other denim nerdery in person. Stopping in the store, my fiancee and I did the usual tour of the premises, and and thanks to the great crew at Context, spent too much. I walked out, in particular, with a pair of Kicking Mule Workshop jeans, the 1980 Japanese Edition model. Described, quite aptly I think, on Context's website as "a jean for the refined denim enthusiast. Each step in the production was chosen on the basis of supreme quality. Made of Zimbabwean cotton, rope dyed in Natural Indigo, fabric produced and tailored in Okayama Prefecture Japan. The 1980 is a straight leg jean proportionally cut for a number of different body types.", I was very pleased with my jeans. I've been wearing them since mid July, and I figure, sometime this winter, they might be ready for their first wash. Bring on the fades! I've had my hands on many a pair of Japanese jeans, and the feel and finish of these jeans in particular is really a cut above to me.

While looking through the pictures below, make sure to keep an eye out for these features:

  • Red & Blue selvage line
  • Selvage Coin Pocket
  • Back pocket Hidden Rivets
  • Doughnut Button fly
  • Real Leather Patch

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