Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Hot Time, Summer in the City

In Chicago, it's been a million degrees for way too long. Okay, it's been in the 90's plus heat index in the hundreds (thanks humidity) for a LONG time. All of last week, which totally sucked. But it illuminated something to me, namely, while women can dress for summer in a way that is age appropriate - yet stylish, men, seem to have few options that really work.

Option A - dudes wear shorts, and look like they are 19 (if they are lucky). They can't go to work like that, and next to a woman in a nice ensemble (summer dress, skirt, tank top, shorts, etc), they look like a tool most of the time, or at the very least, lack comparable sophistication.

Option B - to hell with the weather, I'm wearing jeans! Sure, they still look cool, but encasing profuse sweat in denim isn't actually all that comfortable. Nevertheless I know tons of dudes who do this, refusing to wear shorts, for the reasons I list above (it should be noted that I, under exposure to heat, do not mind looking like a tool, so I am wearing shorts as I type this. Plus I have nice legs. Hey, don't look at me like that; knowing your strengths isn't arrogance when it's true).

Option C - Linen. Sure, you could look like a British colonial overlord. My friend Brian pulls that off, but it's not for everyone. It certainly doesn't work for me.

Why is it men are forced to sweat? How do you think, my good readers (all ten or so of you), men should dress in summer to avoid profuse sweating and yet dress like an adult?


hswell said...

Too bad kilts are not an option for respectable dudes in the US. I wouldn't be able to stand the heat if I had to wear pants. I'm a girl so I get to wear crotchless shorts to work (aka skirts).

wesman said...

I just found your blog - so far, so good - I'm also in chicago and I feel much the same way - I don't typically wear shorts and I've always worn jeans in the summer - this year: light trousers (they don't have to be linen) and boat shoes without socks - aldo sells these washable inserts that absorb sweat so you don't ruin your shoes