Wednesday, September 3, 2008

A Statement of Purpose

There are a great many blogs out there which will gladly talk about fashion. Wear a scarf! Get some tight jeans that somehow hang baggily off your ass!

The name of this blog is intentional - I fully admit to being somewhat of a snob when it comes to clothes. I like nicely made things, usually brands that have a nice mix of aesthetic and practicality. So in that sense I can be labeled an elitist. But I enjoy work wear fashion - jeans, good chinos, military inspired fashions - clothing that as designed to be worn by people who care how it serves their needs, not how it looks. I hope to fill this blog with pieces I like, write ups of companies I respect, and people and places I find interesting.

2 comments: said...

You may already be aware of these folks, but if you aren't, you should be:

I go to their site periodically just to get an eyeful of clean nostalgic lines.

Cheers, Andrea

grant said...

Great blog Jake! Look forward to seeing other great stuff. I particularly liked the piece on your Grandfather.