Thursday, December 18, 2008

How did this happen?

At the risk of seeming corny, I can say without reservation that I wouldn't be blogging if it weren't for my Grandfather. He's the dude in the middle looking at the camera. I owe pretty much all of my interests to him in some way. In clothes - he was in the garment industry until about 10 years before he died. In flying and history - he was a B-24 co-pilot in the Central Pacific during World War 2. And in music as well. My love of music passed directly through him. My Dad is a professional musician, my Grandfather, a good piano player, if you could sing in G. He bequeathed me his wartime diary, his photos, his medals, his personal belongings, and more importantly, he was willing to talk to me about any and all of it, starting when I was a kid, but as I became an adult, too. None of it was really off limits. Because of his generosity, I got to know my Grandfather, not just as an old man, but as a 20-something pilot, trying to live to complete
his 30 missions. For his willingness I will always be grateful. And if you read my blog and like it, you have him to thank for it (if you hate it, it's my fault).

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