Monday, February 18, 2013

Ladies Love Denim Too, Part Two

On a recent work trip to San Francisco, Jake decided to fly out and make a weekend trip together.  I knew the dangers (expenses) of Jake in SF, it is practically his shopping mecca.  So you can understand why I was a little nervous being stuck in meetings all day while he went shopping.  During the 4th powerpoint of the day I started to get texts that he had already hit up Selfedge,  Luckily he didn't do too much damage so I figured I was in the clear.

When I was finally done with my meetings in Palo Alto I went up to SF for the weekend.  He asked if I wanted to check out Selfedge, I figured why not, it would be nice to finally meet Kiya - (though he wasn't there when we arrived) and see what the shop was about.  Since I have been wearing my Nudies nearly to death, I figured it wouldn't hurt to get another quality pair of denim to throw into the mix.

Once again a little weird to be the only girl in the store and they told me to go in the dressing room and just started handing me pair after pair to try on.  Yea, that's right ladies I didn't pick anything out, two dudes told me what would look good.  Also I learned a very important lesson from the denim experts.  If your posterior is well endowed try either low rise or high rise jeans to avoid that gap in the back.  Anything that falls in the middle will likely end up in some seriously unwanted whale tale, unless you are into that type of thing.

I was always jealous that dudes can get all this awesome selvedge denim, but it was always so stiff and not exactly figure friendly for women.  So I was totally thrilled when they brought out 3sixteen+ 77BSP Women's Jeans - Skinny Fit. Unique to these jeans (all the 3sixteen+ fits for women), is a new fabric designed by Cone Mills that they call S-Gene denim - it's selvedge, but it stretches in 4 directions - up, down, side to side - about 10% which is plenty to allow for form fitting comfort. Though I've had them for only a short time, they are already developing nice fades. Jake is jealous.

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