Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Mister Freedom Deck Jacket

The Mister Freedom Deck Jacket N-1H, from the 2008 winter collection straight blew my mind. It dropped at the end of 2008, and for a year, I talked myself out of it. Finally, in December of 2009, I snapped, and ordered one - from the J.Crew SoHo Men's Shop, of all places. It was the best winter jacket purchase I. Have. Ever. Made. First, let's talk about the fact it's based on two timeless U.S. Navy styles.

This, which has a knit bottom, and hooks, but no zipper (pictured is the Buzz Rickson model):
Deck Jacket - early model

And, this, which has no knit bottom or knit collar, or hooks, but it has a wind flap and a zipper (also Buzz Rickson model):
Also, a Deck Jacket - this one from say 1943 or so

To form, like Voltron, this wonderful jacket. Note it has the knit collar, but no knit bottom, and has both a zipper AND hooks, as well as wrist knits:

Lined with wool blanket material, and sandwiched between the wool and jungle cloth outer shell is organdy, which is windproof. When it was new, it crinkled, now I am as silent as the ninja. And just as deadly. The jacket has a wonderful heft, as though you're shrugging on armor to protect yourself from the elements. As it's February, this is a good thing. There are elements about to protect against! 

If you can find one, get it. If you can't I feel bad for you son.

More jacket porn:
Label Info

Clasp says he's ready for his close-up, director.

Wool lining - pet hair sold seperately

Welcome to the party, Mr. Windflap

Zipper says, "Rivet".

Don't fear the wind with this woolen knit to protect your neck!

Zipped but not latched, the wind can get ya!

But not now!

Lost at sea? No, it's just a close-up of the Jungle Cloth. But it looks like the ocean.

Check out this totally rad time-lapse video of photographer Cory Piehowicz (you can read his blog here) waxing his Mister Freedom Deck Jacket.

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