Friday, January 4, 2013

Everybody's Whiskey for the Weekend

I love whiskey.  It's the first interest that brought Jake and I together. When we got married 2 1/2 years after we met, all of our tables were named after our favorite whiskeys (Basil Hayden, Sazerac Rye, Elmer T. Lee, etc.).  During the "great compromise of 2010" - he wanted a cat, I wanted a dog, we got one of each.  Now we have our cat, Templeton and our dog, Rye.  We won the "special achiever's" award at Templeton Rye's Shoes and Cue 2011. I also hosted the whiskey tasting for the Boardwalk Empire Premiere event in Chicago (See pic below).

Boardwalk Empire Premiere: Whiskey Tasting (I'm in the Middle and Jake is on the right)
Clearly you see where I am going with this - other than the occasional hangover, we go together with whiskey like peas and carrots.  Our families, knowing us well, often give us interesting and special whiskeys. This Christmas, we were fortunate enough to receive a bottle of Middle West Spirits OYO Michelone Reserve Bourbon from my brother and sister in law.

Hailing from Columbus, Ohio, OYO Michelone Reserve Bourbon is a great and distinctive addition to any home bar.  If you are like me and you like a drink before you take your shoes off Monday-Friday, it is a fantastic option.  A blend - it contains Kentucky bourbon and OYO's 100% wheat whiskey. OYO's whiskey is Ohio's first 100% wheat whiskey in over a century. The result is exceptionally smooth, with nuances of caramel and light smokey oak. In fact, the only complaint I have is it took both Jake and I almost 5 minutes to cut through the wax seal on the bottle - that's a lot of work!

Middle West Spirits describes themselves as "Central Ohio’s first micro-distillery. It produces high-quality, artisanal spirits using only the best ingredients sourced from farms across Ohio." Brady Konya and Ryan Lang are certainly giving me yet another reason to visit Columbus.


Brady said...

Thankyou for the thoughtful post, and for enjoying a bottle of our OYO Bourbon Whiskey. Alas, your bottle should have had a tear strip that easily broke the wax... we're so sorry that the tear strip was not included on your bottle! We can only imagine the difficulty in carving off the cap... we use thick wax! Again, we thankyou for your post and wish you a happy 2013!

Jake Hennes said...

Thank you, Brady! The wax issue was mostly funny. Besides, you like to feel like you've earned something, right? Well, getting through that wax made us earn it. ;)

Best of luck with your OYO Bourbon Whiskey. I suspect I'll be tipping a glass of it back tonight.