Wednesday, January 2, 2013

First Crush of the New Year - Outlier

This one has been lurking for a long while, but it's finally blossomed to a full-fledged menswear crush status. I don't care who knows it, either. I say it loud: I love Outlier Tailored Performance clothing. I mean, Just look at this jacket:

What I love about Outlier can be distilled into just three points:
  1. They make their clothes in the USA - New York City, to be specific.
  2. They use innovative, performance fabrics with desirable properties such as water resistance, yet breathe well and  have good stain resistance, 
  3. They use classic, well-loved templates for their clothing. Nothing looks too technical.
Focusing on lean silhouettes, they create tough clothing that moves with you, clothes that can suffer a rainstorm or steamy commute.

There's just one problem for someone like me - I'm not skinny enough to wear a lot of their styles! Most slim fit pants are too slim for me (as an example, J.Crew "classic" fit chinos fit me slim; so do Uniqlo vintage chinos, though they are listed as "regular fit"). But I think I couild swing a few of their pants, Specifically:


Garments like these really speak to my aesthetic - traditional, but with a functional yet edgy look to them. And built to take hell, too. Hopefully this year I'll have the chance to give them hell, myself!

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