Monday, January 28, 2013

Only Now Did I Discover Nau Clothing

I thank my good friend Mark for any and all awareness of Nau. Why it took me 6 months after he first mentioned them to actually look 'em up is anyone's guess. Sufficient punishment has been the winter I've gone through without a proper coat, something a quick look at their website could have long ago alleviated.

Nau describes their aesthetic as "sustainable urban + outdoor apparel". If you break those down to individual pieces, you quickly see they achieve each. Their slim, unfussy designs, bereft of unnecessary edifice has an sleek look that is sophisticated without taking any utilitarian elements away from a design. Each piece has a litany of design features which make a compelling case for outdoor use. There are other brands which combine these two elements, but what really sets Nau apart is their dedication to sustainability. Peruse their "business unusual" section of the site, and you'll quickly see it's not simple lip-service to environmental concerns. They explain what fabrics they use and why, what type of shipping they prefer to use, where they manufacture, what standards those manufacturers must adhere to, and so forth.

All of that would be so much window dressing - but they also deliver the goods:

Synfill Sweater - $100

Rheostat Jacket - $255

Succinct Trench - $280

Each of these jackets (and there are many more on their site which are also lovely) has a full featured list of technical specs - waterproof, compressible, utilizing a multitude of insulating methods, yet each jacket looks clean, minimal, modern - yet classic. Do yourself a favor, upgrade your seasonable apparel at Nau Clothing.

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