Monday, January 7, 2013

Gingham Style

Full disclosure: I hate that I played it easy and wrote a Gangham Style pun. Fortunately, I've never heard the song, so I can only base my disdain for it, and my pun, on the reactions of others.

However, I love, unreservedly love, gingham shirting. To some, the snarky, the unimaginative, they'll tell you that you look like this:
In case you were wondering, yes, I've had people say I looked like a picnic table.
They are wrong.

What I like about gingham is very similar to what I like about denim. Both fabrics are not dyed after being woven. Instead, the color comes from the warp thread. Usually the weft fabric is uncolored (in denim) or white (in gingham). Unlike denim, there is no right side to gingham fabric.

With the exception of formal business functions, Gingham is very versatile. It makes great western shirts:

Dress shirts:

In dark colors:

Or light:

With a tie:

In short, it goes with everything, works with almost every occasion, and adds a bit of complexity to any outfit. Looking for gingham? Here are a few places I like to get them:
This is just a small list. Gingham - it's everywhere!

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