Friday, January 18, 2013

No Cure for Summertime Shoes

Terrible, God-awful pun. I know this. But I also know fresh kicks for the warmer months is one of the few (to my mind) perks of being forced to sweat for months on end. The last few summers, I've always had a pair of Converse Purcell's around. I love 'em - they're versatile and comfortable, and I love that even the black canvas ones come with the light blue bottom, cause some years they don't.

I still love you, Purcell!

But lately, I've been feeling Vans a great deal, too. Definitely more west coast, more casual, but just as versatile. Last summer I picked up a pair of Old Skools. I love them and wear them still - in fact they are on my feet now as I type, having aged into near slipper comfort.

Hi good looking.

This year, however, I have my eye on these bad boys. I heard the angels sing.

Era 59 in black suede with camo accents. The camouflage, though my wife would probably disagree, is very subtly done, and the suede gives it a more refined appearance. However they are sold out at DQM. Sad. But I wait, and I hope, that they will be back in stock soon! (UPDATE - As of January 30, they are available at Urban Outfitters; get them for $55. Thanks Vans customer service for misleading me.)

But if not, you can build your own, in Canvas (and minus the heel accent, which is a feature unique to the Era 59). It's a distant second, but I might pull the trigger. Design your own custom shoes for summer here.

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