Thursday, January 24, 2013

Taylor Stitch, Let Me Into Your Pants

Maybe it's the fact that the last two days in Chicago have inspired many a Hoth joke (tip of the cap to all your Empire Strikes Back, SW Ep 5 nerds out there), but of late I have been preoccupied with how one goes about dressing in a thoughtful and stylish manner during cold snaps. 

I've gotten a lot of miles out of a pair of flannel-lined J.Crew khakis, but what about when I'm not commuting to work (don't get me started about a jeans-less dress code), how do I stay warm then? I think Taylor Stitch has provided me with an answer, and something new to crush on, to boot: flannel-lined jeans. Behold: 

Flannel Lined 13 oz. Denim
Flannel Lined Interior
These lovely jeans have been produced as part of a special project, Taylor Stitch for Solitary ArtsSolitary Arts is a skate company which makes it's products - boards, hard goods - in California. Flowing from passion for skateboarding, their functional, yet artistic expression blends nicely with Taylor Stitch, who most of us know primarily for their excellent shirting. At $128, their jeans are a steal. Snatch a pair up today; I bet they'd go great with a pair of Vans and a skateboard. Just saying.

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